So received a great review on the MyWuXing facebook page from Jeffery Wissman
“Hey, I just started playing this fantastic game. I started with the basic games and quickly went to a variant for more tactics. Each player has a starting hand (I chose 10 cards) and draws 3 cards for a hand. The players take turns playing first against the universal pot using the MyWuXing rules for deciding how the round turns out. Any cards that a player wins or absorbs goes into a ‘used pile’ until their original deck of 10 cards is exhausted. At the beginning of each round a player draws a card from their deck to increase their hand size to three before placing the next card from the Universe deck into the Universe pot. Once a player’s original deck of cards is played, the player takes all of his/her cards from the ‘used pile’, shuffles them and uses them to draw a new three card starting hand.

Obviously, I’m going to keep tinkering with the particulars, but so far I’m really digging how this game plays.

I’m definitely interested in picking up some art work for this game on your website. I hope this game gets more attention as you have something really good here that will only get better as more and more people tinker with the rules. I think there is even the possibility of having rules for players constructing decks and battling it out.”

Myself & Jeff have since spoken. Feedback is great, the cards are a foundation for multiple game plays so watch this space ! I intend to evolve different versions over time. Welcome any feedback & comments in the MyWuXing forum.