While the focus has been on my amazing artist Dia as a primary contributor having the privilige of presenting her undeniable talent through my first launch I would also like to thank others who have helped make this possible.

  • Sifu Gary Lam – for helping me understand the Five Elements in a way that inspired me to create a game & learning tool.
  • Michael who taught me a few card games influencing some of the game mechanics of MyWuXing.
  • Bernadette the gifted elementary school teacher & dear friend who introduced me to Dia & her wonderful family.
  • My Wing Chung Kung Fu brothers Johnny, young Christopher, Taylor & Sam who helped me test the game over a good 18 months (oh what fun !).
  • The graphic designers Jeff & Chris from QPC Games responsible for putting the artwork into playing card format the “icing on the cake”.
  • The rest of the team from qpc games responsible for publishing the decks and offering a good all round service.
  • The team from nedupe.responsible for publishing a sample of the art pieces which I was able to frame and give as a gift to friends – a real professional outfit.
  • The Ship Naked Team for helping with initial launch fulfillment.
  • Mark Hinson of graphics of distinction for his generous efforts in designing this website.
  • I like to think its early days but at the very least I’ve got this far & it’s been fun, which is what is important right? I also have a deck of cards to give to friends for Xmas & Birthdays for the rest of my life!