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MyWuXing ("My Five Elements") is a fun, casual card game consisting of a deck of 52 cards that represent the five elements of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Wu Xing. The five elements have been used for thousands of years in China to teach the seasons of the Earth, martial arts for combat, healing for medicine, and energy flow for Feng Shui.

LEARN WUXING app is an introductory learning tool that teaches the pattern of the game to better understand the interaction of the 5 Elements & MyWuXing Card game. The deck of MyWuXing consists of eight copies of all the basic five elements of FIRE, METAL, WOOD, EARTH, and WATER, as well as two non-basic elements, the AUSPICIOUS INFINITE DRAGON (eight copies) and the INAUSPICIOUS DESTRUCTIVE STAR (four copies) = 52 Cards.

The last player with cards remaining WINS the game, hence when you run out of cards you LOSE. Click DEAL then click on "Player 1" Card for outcome then click DEAL again & so on. Please scroll under the game to understand the Element interactions & outcomes in more detail.

Universe Deck

Universe Deck Size:

Universe Pot

Universe Pot Size:

The Void

The Void Size:

Player 1

Player 1 Deck Size:


Player1 Score: 0
Player2 Score: 0


Player 2

Player 2 Deck Size:


Each player is dealt 8 cards that will remain face down. The remaining cards are laid face down; this is called the "Universe Deck."

THE UNIVERSE – The Universe Deck deals 1 card into the Universe Pot which both Player 1 & Player 2 are challenging to either ABSORB or DESTROY.

Universe card always takes precedence over player cards so a draw with the Universe means you lose your card to the Universe Pot.


Card interactions are shown for the five basic elements of FIRE, METAL, WOOD, EARTH, and WATER on all the card backs in the following way:

For the lines that comprise the star pattern in the middle starting at the top...

FIRE destroys METAL.

METAL destroys WOOD.

WOOD destroys EARTH.

EARTH destroys WATER.

WATER destroys FIRE.

From the outer circle starting at the top...

EARTH absorbs FIRE



WOOD absorbs WATER

FIRE absorbs WOOD

When combined, the basic element cards have the following interactions:

FIRE (Vermillion Bird) destroys METAL and absorbs WOOD.

EARTH (Yellow Dragon) destroys WATER and absorbs FIRE.

METAL (White Tiger) destroys WOOD and absorbs EARTH.

WATER (Black Tortoise) destroys FIRE and absorbs METAL.

WOOD (Azure Dragon) destroys EARTH and absorbs WATER.

The non–basic element cards have the following interactions:

The AUSPICIOUS element (The Infinite Dragon) absorbs all basic elements (Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Wood) and is then itself sent to the Void.

The INAUSPICIOUS element (The Destructive Star) destroys all basic elements and the AUSPICIOUS element (The Infinite Dragon)and is itself placed in the pot as the sole card.


When Cards our Dealt, Universe Deck will deal a card into the Universe Pot as the lead card in play. CLICK on Player 1 Card to reveal both Player hands. In each of the following cases it doesn't matter whether Player 1 or Player 2 played the cards mentioned so for this section the players will be referred to as Player A and Player B. These Cards will challenge the Card revealed at the top of the Universe Pot.

ABSORB – If Player A plays a basic element card that ABSORBS the Universe Pot and Player B plays a basic element card that destroys the Universe pot card, then ABSORB takes precedence over DESTROY. Player B's card and all cards in the universe pot, go to Player A's personal deck. When non–basic element Infinite Dragon is played & ABSORBS it will always go to the void after absorbing other cards in play.

DESTROY – If Player A plays a basic element card that DESTROYS the Universe Pot and Player B plays an element card that neither destroys nor absorbs the Universe Pot, then Player B's card and all cards in the universe pot (cards in play), go to the Void (the discard pile). Player A's card is recycled into personal deck without any loss. When non–basic Destructive Star is played & DESTROYS it will always join the Universe Pot so will not be recycled into players' personal deck.

DRAW – If both players play an element card that destroys the element card in the Universe pot, then both cards neutralize the effect of the other & it is considered a tie so both cards are added to the pot. The same is true if both cards absorb the Universe pot. In the case of all ties between players, players' cards go to the Universe pot. Please keep in mind that if players cards are of the same value (e.g. both are Metal), and the Universe Pot destroys that element (e.g. Universe Card is Fire), then Fire destroys Metal & both player cards go to the Void.

INFINITE DRAGON – When an Infinite Dragon is drawn from the Universe Deck at the beginning of the turn, both participating players contribute one of their cards to the Universe Pot unless they play a Destructive Star, which will (per the normal rule) send all other cards in play to the Void while it is itself placed in the Universe Pot.

DESTRUCTIVE STAR – When a Destructive Star is drawn from the Universe Deck, all cards in play (the Universe Pot & both participating players' cards) are sent to the Void. The Destructive Star that is played remains as the sole Card in the Universe pot. Destructive Stars will only end up in the void under 2 circumstances:

1. As part of a player hand when the Universe also yields a Destructive Star.

2. As part of the Universe Pot when another Destructive Star turns up from the Universe or a player hand.

THE VOID is where all cards that are destroyed are discarded, which is to the right of the Universe Pot. The card used to destroy the other card(s)–i.e. all the cards in the pot and the card played by the opponent–goes into the winning player's personal deck unless it is a Destructive Star in which case it remains as the sole card in the Universe Pot.

Other notes:

Cards absorbed by a player will go to that player's deck, which will be shuffled prior to clicking on the player deck for next hand.

Any card(s) that are absorbed by the Universe Pot are placed in the pot face up to be absorbed or destroyed in subsequent plays.

A new Universe card from the Universe deck is placed into the Universe Pot or over the absorbed cards in the Pot at the beginning of the next turn.

After all card interactions are decided click DEAL which will replenish the hands and then Click on Player 1 Card to show the outcome.


Points have also been applied as a means of game development testing & should both Players tie by losing all cards at the same time.

Absorb – 3 Points

Destroy – 2 Points

Tie – Point

However, when Player A loses all cards their Points return to zero and Player B automatically WINS.

Should both players lose all their cards at the same time the points are tallied to decide the WINNER