Overview - My Wu Xing Online

Play MyWuXing online is an interactive browser friendly solo game for Computers, Tablets & Smart phones that is fun & teaches the game to those who do not like reading rule sheets. All you do is read the quick start instruction guide, click & play – in no time you will soon understand the game mechanics & pattern of play!

On understanding the game mechanics, if you haven’t already, you can then order a card playing deck & invite up to 8 people to learn, play & bluff your way to try and win the game!

Learn WuXing online 

Suitable for anyone, especially kids to learn the pattern of the 5 Elements & the game. An initial introduction to the concept of the game it is based on total luck so if struggling with the Think WuXing version try this first ! There has to be a winner!

Think WuXing online 

Tests playing skill & the understanding of the 5 Element productive & destructive cycles as well as how to leverage your Power Cards – the Infinite Dragon & destructive Star. Player 1 is you & Player 2 is the algorithm that has been set to play against you. Note the algorithm is only so deep, so you could say Player 2 bluffs somewhat! It is fun, it is challenging & I personally still win only 50% of the games so it is pretty balanced. But there again maybe the Elementalist needs to practice more!