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52 Playing Cards

  • 8 WATER
  • 8 WOOD
  • 8 FIRE
  • 8 EARTH
  • 8 METAL
  • 2 Cards to give to friends
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Card Layout

  • The Headers represent the Heavenly Elements.
  • The Footers explain the interaction between the Elements and how your card plays against other cards.
  • The game is further influenced by an Infinite Dragon and a Destructive Star

4 reviews for Card Deck

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I bought this deck as an acupuncture student to help me learn and as a playing game for my younger daughter. Artwork is gorgeous!! Really glad I did and we are enjoying learning and playing together. Thank you!!

  2. Erika

    Beautiful artwork! Saw this game and as a 5 E acupuncturist I knew I had to have it! Love it love it love it!

  3. Dana

    Fun way to learn the 5 Elements!! I’m really enjoying playing the MyWuXing game. The artwork is beautiful. I am a student of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and I was looking for a fun way to learn the 5 Elements. I really appreciate how the 5 Phases graphic is on the back of the deck case. This is a game I can play with my kids and my classmates.

  4. Gerald

    Very stimulating & challenging game if you’re not a hard core gamer but don’t want something too easy….certainly gets you thinking !

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