The Artist - Dia Jamandron

Dia Jamandron

Having spent 2 years using my own personally designed deck to play test the mechanics & discover the playing formula which will provide hours of entertainment to those who participate,  I knew it was time to source an artist so I could make the game a little more pleasing to the eye.

A dear friend who is a gifted elementary school teacher from Los Angeles taught a very talented young artist a few years back. She became friends with the family and said the artist needed something to do for the school holidays prior to entering her first year at Art College. I was introduced to Dia Jamandron & her wonderful family.

Dia’s Family

Dia’s family arrived in the United States in 2002 from Iloilo which is inthe Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Dia’s parents, Jeff & Dina, are an amazing story of a humble hard working immigrant family making a huge contribution to their adopted country. The story exemplifies everything that is good about America. I myself come from a family of immigrants and am the first member of my family to come to America.  It is here I met Gary Lam, an immigrant from Hong Kong, who taught me the basic formula of the Five Elements.