Game Overview

Get a good idea of what the game is and how to play with this fun video overview.

Game Content

Learn about this quality deck of beautifully executed artwork depicting the 5 elements.

The 5 Elements

Learn how the five elements interact, the foundation of enjoying this fascinating game.


Radiant Tiger, a Collab by Mywuxing and NFTV Miami

MyWuXing Card Game

Is Where Rock Paper Scissors meets…

Chinese Astrology

A fun card game that teaches the ancient science of the Five Elements (WuXing) through dynamic interactive game play and visual masterpieces. The game works for any age range from 8 to 88!

The Game pits your own Wu Xing (5 elements of Water Wood Fire Earth Metal) against the universal elements and your opponent’s elements. The game is further influenced by the powerfully “auspicious” Infinite Dragon & the dark “inauspicious” Destructive Star – powerful cards that can turn the game on a whim ! Object of the game is to win by exhausting your opponents deck.

The Five Elements

The concept of the Five Elements has been used for 1000s of years to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the seasons on Earth, from combat in martial arts to healing benefits in traditional Chinese medicine & harmonizing surroundings in Feng Shui.

MyWuXing Art

MyWuXing Art showcases the beautiful work of a highly talented artist illustrating their unique imagination in relation to the characteristics of the Five Elements.