5 Elements Story

The story is about 4 people waiting for a bus and a 5th person – it goes like this…

There are 4 people (4 Elements – Wood, Metal, Earth & Water) in line to catch a bus & 5th person (a 5th Element – Fire) hanging around looking for an opportunity to feed from the people in line.


Fire Feeds off Wood

Day 1 Miss Wood being upstanding & straight, gets onto the bus to pay her fare and without realizing Fire has already fed off Wood and taken off with Wood’s wallet from Wood’s pocket. Wood does not realize this until she goes into her pocket to pay for the bus fare.


Fire Beats Metal

Day 2 Fire returns to see who is at the bus stop & notices Ms Metal. Metal like Wood is upstanding, structured but a little more vigilant. Fire notices this so taps the opposite pocket of where the wallet is to distract Metal and then whips out the wallet from the other pocket & runs off. Metal is too slow to catch Fire and is left infuriated shaking her fist without her wallet.


Earth Feeds Off Fire

Day 3 Fire returns and sees another Element which he thinks is Metal standing upright and looking quite vigilant and uses the same tactics as Day 2 but unknowingly the Element is Earth. Earth feeds of Fire. Rather than being disturbed Earth is not distracted by Fire going for the other pocket but instead is able to wrap around Fire catching him and calls the police receiving a handsome reward for catching the phantom serial thief.

The Big Moral of the Story

We all have a combination of the Five Elements in our persona & if we recognize and understand these Elements we can put them too good use as well as recognize the Elements in people we interact with. This thus cultivates harmonious & balanced communication. Putting a strong Element that we have possession of to ill use will create our own destructive cycle eventually. Putting our own Elements to good use will create our own productive cycle.


Water Beats Fire

1 year later. Having spent time in prison and not learning anything Fire returns to the Bus Stop for a new victim. Fire only sees Water in line to get the bus. Fire sees that Water is looking around everywhere, keeps looking at his watch, putting his hands in his pocket & taking them out again, looking everywhere again etc. There is no opportunity for Fire, not for any other reason than Water is a “changing” element that puts Fire out.

Fire gives up, goes home and gets a proper job using his opportunistic skillset becoming a top sales person for a solar panel company !