As was a young man studying the Art of Wing Chung Kung Fu, a style made famous from childhood icon Bruce Lee a natural interest in Asian Culture evolved. I was introduced to the concept of The Five Elements when I picked up a little book called “The Power of Ch’I” in the mid-90s. A fascinating read.

Fast forward 10 yrs. I left the UK for Asia in the mid-2000s continuing my passion in the Art. I has the opportunity to move to the USA so I had to ask my Kung Fu brothers about anyone they may know in the USA. I was introduced to Gary Lam who had been a famous Hong Kong Master & had since moved to Los Angeles. Sifu Gary Lam is also a renowned Chinese Astrologist & applied the 5 Elements to his teaching of both Kung Fu & Feng Shui. Having grasped the basic practical concept from his teachings, I decided to apply the formula of the harmonious cycle & destructive cycle to personal everyday observations. An Elementalist was born.