So as you can see the site has gone through a wonderful revamp & a shopping cart will be up & running soon, like the next couple of weeks. You will be able to order the Card Game for all your friends for their Birthdays, for Xmas, because you like them, because they’re smarter than you & you want them to read the rules & then teach you how to play 😉 ! & of course to learn about the Five Elements of Chinese Astrology.

Also the Art ! The Art will be packaged into a set of 5 & a set of 8 11″x14″ prints. Go to Amazon & get some frames, make your home look wonderful or the homes of your friends & family. What a great gift if someone has moved in. You could even give a picture of the Destructive Star to someone you don’t like (that was a joke – don’t do that !) Here is a taster of what is coming.