The Card Game – A number of exciting things have been happening. Jeff who posted in the forum recently really sees the potential of the MyWuXing game & concept. He is helping to rewrite different versions of the rules which will be posted into the rules section of the site with a brief explanation of the type of game play so you can choose what you’d like to try, download, print, read & play. Please comment & make suggestions in the forum ! For now there is the one rule sheet included in the current deck. You could say Jeff has volunteered to become Chief Game Architect which is cool. Jeff runs a group that tries out all sorts of different games, he is also a Master of Philosophy.

An App – Yes you heard. I have someone who is working on an App version for Learn WuXing & Think WuXing. This will act as a dynamic & convenient learning tool to teach people how to play solitaire style. It’s not the same as a real deck of playing cards but it will certainly teach the fluency of the Five Elements, have very similar playing mechanics & just compliment the whole idea & drive it forward.

Watch this space.