In 2011 I decided to embark on creating a card game that would teach the basic interactions of The Five Elements for fun & also to act as a learning tool. Rather than “yap” on obsessively about the Five Elements to friends (&strangers, yes it was that bad) I could just give them a deck of cards right & everyone’s happy J The idea was on the shelf until I had an opportunity to live and work again in you guessed it…. China.

My little learning of Chinese helped me with the brand name by merging the Western word “My” with the Chinese word WuXing (5 Elements) & herein lies the inspiration. Every culture should be open to adopting ancient intelligence from other cultures & all ancient intelligence should be made available to present & future generations. So much can be lost because of 2nd agendas, whatever the reason.

It was also in China that I met someone who taught me to play “Magic the Gathering” a massively popular card game. The next couple of years was focused on putting the project together – This page gives you a summary of the design formula.

More importantly I did it and decided to pull the trigger so to speak by launching on Kickstarter on February 23rd